The assembly and installation of the of the LIFE LECHALESS project demonstration plant at the Zonzamas Environmental Complex (Lanzarote) was completed at the beginning of 2021.

The plant consists of 3 containers, on the roof of which the solar collectors are installed. On the other hand, inside one of the containers there are tanks in which the storage and evaporation/condensation of the leachate is carried out. Another of the containers contains the foerward osmosis filtration system, in which the effluent obtained from evaporation/condensation is treated to produce the final clean effluent. The third container consists of the biomass boiler (which serves as a back-up renewable energy source), the silo and the chipper.

The treatment capacity of the plant is 8 m3 of leachate per day. During the period of operation of the plant at Zonzamas, its technical feasibility for the treatment of several types of leachate will be demonstrated. Subsequently, the plant will be transferred to the Ano Liosia landfill in Athens, where it will continue to treat leachate with different characteristics to those of Zonzamas, in order to demonstrate the versatility and replicability of the technology.

In the early stages of the operation step, optimisation of the plant’s operating parameters will be carried out. Once the plant is optimised, it will continue to operate in order to monitor the quality of the effluent obtained as well as all the necessary process information that serves for the definition and quantification of the environmental and socio-economic impact of the process.

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