Actions and means involved in LIFE LEACHLESS


The structure of the project ensures its successful implementation, since there is an effective interaction between the actions and the activities foreseen. More significantly, the preparatory actions shall provide input to the implementation Actions of the project, facilitating the final design and the construction (Action B.2) and the operation/demonstration (Action B.3 and B.4) of the prototype in different scenes (landfills and waste treatment centres). The design will be performed according to the market demand, leachate composition and specifications of the technologies (Action A.1, A.3 and A.4).

Upon completion of the design, a demonstrator will be constructed and installed in two target areas: one waste treatment centre (in Spain) and one landfill (in Greece). Upon completion of the project is planned to carry out a study for replication in a landfill in Italy. To perform the installation of the prototype, the necessary administrative authorisations will be requested previously (Action A.2). The prototype will be operated for a sufficient time period (8 months) and its final products will be assessed (Action B.6). In order to monitor the performance of the waste treatment scheme applied, a set of indicators set in Action C.1 will be regularly monitored and compared over the initial situation from which the project started. The results from the implementation will be used for making specific technical suggestions for the full-scale implementation of the project. These project outcomes will provide the basis for the successful overtake of the project results, as well as for consolidating two replication studies (Action B.7) for the organisations that have expressed their interest to follow the project findings (follower facilities).

A wide variety of dissemination actions are foreseen with the aim to raise awareness and allow for replication and transfer of the results elsewhere under similar circumstances. The project findings will be disseminated through various communication channels (website, training sessions, site visits, press releases, etc.) to relevant stakeholders and target groups (Actions D). Last but not least, E Actions involve project management activities. A project coordinator and three committees (Project Office, the LIFE LEACHLESS Committee and an Advisory Committee) will be assigned in the very beginning of the project for the successful planning and execution of the project.

Diagram of actions

Diagram of actions

Action areas

Athens (Greece)

Complejo Ambiental de Zonzamas, Lanzarote (Spain)

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