Expected results

LIFE LEACHLESS will strive for achieving the following results

Treatment up to 15 m3/day of leachate in a prototype introduced in containers for easy transport and installation, that allows flexibility in operating conditions..  

To obtain a high quality final effluent, 100% free of pathogens and xenobiotic compounds that can be reused or discharged into watercourses.


    To reduce the cost of leachate treatment over 80% when comparing with a traditional leachate treatment plant, by using solar radiation, biomass and residual heat as energy sources.

    To reduce by 80 to 90% the environmental impact associated with leachate streams proceeding from waste disposal in landfills or waste treatment centres.

    To eliminate the need of leachate transport to municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) and thereby, to eliminate the associated transport costs and the risk of emerging pollutants from leachate entering the overall water circuit and carbon footprint. 

    To have a technology applicable in those European countries (members and candidates) with the highest volume of municipal waste sent to landfill, which are also those, which most leachate generate. These countries (Spain, Greece, Italia, Italy, Portugal, Malta, etc.) are themselves the ones with the higher number of sunlight hours, which favours the operation of such technology.

    Improving the operation of landfills and reducing the associated environmental impact (contributing to the increased number of landfill adapted to the waste disposal Directive, 1999/31/CE).

    100% valorisation of the by-products generated in the process. The amount of sludge generated as a by-product is very low (1-3% of the total volume of leachate). However, the sludge generated can be valorised since it is interesting for the ceramic industry.


    60% reduction of the leachate storage reservoir size in landfills and waste treatment plants. Pollution removal at the source.


      Dissemination of good practices. Creation of a network of contacts for disseminating project results and extending the project scope.


      2 replication studies for transferring the project findings in 2 “follower facilities” (1 in Spain and 1 in Greece) and 1 in Pordenone’s landfill in Italy when the project is completed.

      LIFE LEACHLESS will allow the authorities to increase the competitiveness and improving environmental legislation by better management of leachate.


      Dissemination of project results at national and international level through the Dissemination Plan.

      Resultados esperados
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