Architecture, Engineering and Construction

InfinitVE offers consultancy, advisory, project execution in engineering, technology and cooperate communication services since 2004. InfinitVE is specialised in the physical-chemical-biological treatment of the materials originating from different production processes in order to eliminate or transform the contaminants such as inorganic contents and obtain inert materials for their further use as sub products to another process or for its disposal in authorised landfills. InfinitVE develops projects of industrial treatment and energy recovery form waste plants both in the role of project editor and in the execution phase of the construction, management and operation of the plants throughout the European territory.

InfinitVE executes specific scientific projects and development of processes and/or products and/or machinery specially applied in the area of combined plants either on its own initiative or as forming part of multidisciplinary investigation groups, such as consortia with a common interest.

In 2004, the first liquid manure treatment plant project based on the methanisation process in Spain was accomplished with the collaboration of German engineer Dr. Wilfried Schraufstetter, who has an extensive experience in this project area.

In 2006 and 2007, InfinitVE co-participated in the plastics transformation plant situated in the Munich region (Germany), more particularly, in the plant- Ismaning Ecopark.

After both experiences and other similar projects carried out, InfinitVE contemplates the design and execution of combined plants with the objective to solve problems arising from the both plant typologies. By the integrated design of these plants, environmental, energetic and economical synergies are used to achieve their absolute sustainability.

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