Main objectives of LIFE LEACHLESS project

To demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of an innovative concept for leachate treatment based on solar evaporation/condensation plus forward osmosis, by reducing, in the most efficient way, the environmental impact associated with leachate generated at management activities.


To valorise highly pollutant effluents by completely reuse of the streams generated in the treatment process.


To provide to managers of facilities generating leachate with a cost-effective process for on-site treatment of emerging pollutants and pathogens, among others compounds as metals or inorganic and organic matter.

To replicate this model in facilities of two European countries (Lanzarote in Spain and Athens in Greece).

To promote the transferability of the LIFE LEACHLESS model to other facilities and EU members.

To encourage the active involvement of interested parties in the implementation of the Water Directive and to promote the implementation of environmental policies for minimising the environmental impact of waste management.

During the project execution specific stakeholders from target sectors (urban waste related actors, ceramic industries and policy-makers) will be engaged in order to ensure the fulfilment of the abovementioned objectives.

The following is the process that is carried out in the LIFE LEACHLESS project:

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