Last May 19th, on the occasion of the 5th monitoring meeting of the LIFE LEACHLESS project, the consortium received the visit of Neemo’s monitoring expert (Ms. Cristina Vicente).

During the visit, the monitoring expert was able to observe first-hand the operation of the leachate treatment plant in the first of the scenarios in which the plant is planned to be installed, the Zonzamas Environmental Complex (in Lanzarote). The plant is currently carrying out operational tasks at this Complex, with the aim of demonstrating its technological viability. Once these tasks in Lanzarote are completed, the plant will be shipped and installed at the Ano-Liosia landfill (Athens), in order to verify the replicability and transnationality of the technological solution.

Finally, in addition to the visit to the plant, the consortium reviewed the evolution of the LIFE LEACHLESS project actions in the last year and the planning and forecasting of future actions.

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