The XVI ATEGRUS® Conference on controlled landfills took place on October 25 and 26, 2017, within the framework of MUNICIPALIA-Feria de Lleida.

During these two days, it has been pursued the objective of creating a meeting space where technicians have been able to catch up on the latest legislative changes and know the best techniques available in the market and current research. It has also been tried to present an innovative program, in which topics of great relevance  when planning waste management have been developed, and where the state and current situation of the different materials, techniques technologies and future perspectives have been exposed. The current legal framework and regulations have been taking into account. The event included a technical visit to the Municipal Waste Treatment Center of Segriá.

Francisco Corona (CARTIF) has been the representative of the LIFE LEACHLESS project in this conference with the presentation of the lecture “Treatment of leachates by solar evaporation condensation and direct osmosis”.

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